The Nature’s Gel Story

“My grandmother cried herself to sleep every night. She was 94 at that time. She lived 25 miles from my parents. The constant running to her house was hard on them, too. Here I am a doctor and my grandmother is in pain every night. When I treated her she was better that day but the treatment didn’t last. She needed something that would help her at home, too. So Grandma Sallie and I sat down one day and we talked. I asked her what else helped her feel better. She said “nothing”.

I immediately went to Wal-Mart and bought every pain gel, ointment, and rub they had. There were over 30 different products. Every night I had my Grandma Sallie rub on a different pain gel. Every morning she would say the same thing, “It helped, but just a little.” So the crying, pain and suffering continued. Not one of the over the counter pain products did more than give her just a little relief.

Then it hit me…that is why really these pain gels were made; to give you only a little temporary relief. They weren’t formulated to really try to help you heal. So I immediately got on the phone and called around the country hoping to find a company that would work with me to develop a pain gel that would actually give you more than temporary relief. I finally found a company in Texas with an owner who just happened to have an 86-year old father who was suffering from painful arthritis and needed pain relief too.

We started with a formula similar to others to see if increased menthol and eucalyptus would be enough to help my grandmother more. Grandma Sallie tried it and said, “Nope, it didn’t help any more than the others did.” So we kept adding more proven, powerful natural pain relieving ingredients like Glucosamine, MSM, Eucalyptus and Capsaicin in an Aloe Vera base for deeper, more penetrating effectiveness. Grandma Sallie always tested each new formula.

We slowly made headway with these new improved formulations until finally Grandma Sallie called me early one morning and in a happy voice told the me, “I had no pain last night, and I slept the whole night through.” Glory! After months and months of trial and error I finally developed a product that helped my grandmother’s pain. I named this powerful pain relieving gel, Nature’s Gel. From that first day until she died at 101 years old, my Grandmother Sallie never cried herself to sleep again because of that pain.”

- Steve Gandee

Natures Gel

William S. Gandee, D.C. graduated magna cum laude from Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, GA. He is a member of five chiropractic associations, including the American Chiropractic Association, and is the Ohio State representative to the international Chiropractic Association. Dr. Gandee is the former editor and publisher of Secrets of Health, a monthly health publication dedicated to alternatives to conventional medicine and health care, and he has created several health products, including a natural pain-relieving gel called Nature’s Gel. He has a private practice in Akron, OH.

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