I have suffered from arthritis for years, especially in my fingers, shoulders and knees. I got wind of Nature’s Gel from my Chiropractor and it works better than any other product I’ve ever used. I highly recommend it.

- Elizabeth

My lower back has been bad for years. I rub Nature’s Gel on it before I do anything physical (like golf or yard work) and again before I go to bed. It’s the best stuff to reduce pain, and swelling and gives you more motion.


I hurt my neck and shoulders in a car accident years ago. Nature’s Gel is the only thing that gives me relief on a consistent basis. I use it almost daily. If you hurt I suggest you at least try Nature’s Gel.


I suggest Nature’s Gel to my patients, usually on their first visit to my office. As a Chiropractor, I see lots of people in pain. Nature’s Gel is by far the best product on the market. The other pain relieving products are formulated, marketed and produced by Pharmaceutical Companies. They use carbomers in their formula that is an acrylic (plastic). Nature’s Gel does not use carbomers so Nature’s Gel can actually penetrate giving more healing power.

-Dr B. Longworth

I’ve has prostate cancer and my back hurts all the time. I use Nature’s Gel regularly and it gives me help like nothing I’ve ever used before. I can get to sleep using Natures Gel, and believe me, that’s important, being able to get to sleep at night. I tell all my friends about Nature’s Gel, you should try it for yourself.

-Hobson, Eugene

I get sinus headaches a lot. Now, to get rid of them I rub a little Nature’s Gel on my temples and forehead and at the base of my skull. Within minutes I am better. I still can’t believe it, but it works for me.


I have a small garden so I use Nature’s Gel on my knees, but it also takes the itch from mosquito bites, the redness and pain from sunburns and rubbing a little on my lip, it opens up my sinus and reduces congestion so I can breathe better.


I have recommended and sold many different pain relieving gels to my patients over the years. Mainly because they were all about the same anyway, so I sold the ones with highest markup for me. For the past five years I’ve only sold Nature’s Gel to my patients because there really is a big difference in Nature’s Gel ingredients and pain relieving qualities. It’s actually, based on ounces, less expensive than the others as well. Nature’s Gel really is best, by far.

-Dr. Matt

I only sell Nature’s Gel in my office. I don’t want to ingest plastic, nor rub plastic(an acrylic-carbomer) on my skin, so I don’t want my patients to either. Nature’s Gel really works fast, and penetrates deep so it reduces pain right now.

-Dr. Greg

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